Tenant Services

Compelling reasons to be a Pensio Tenant and make renting better!

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Lease Guarantees

We pay your rent so you can stay in your home and focus on getting back on your feet. Keeping you in your home is Pensio's core mission!

Subject to terms and conditions. 

Lease Guarantee Options & Pricing 

Choose your custom lease guarantee option based on how many months you want Pensio Tenants to guarantee and pay the rent to your Landlord if you lose their job or become disabled and unable to work.

Subject to terms and conditions. 

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Tenant Services 

Pensio Living Tenants rent guarantees are provided by Pensio Tenants Canada Corp. Tenant at no cost for Pensio Living tenants.


Putting You First means Making Renting Better!  

Disclaimer: All pricing info is subject to change. All financial statements are estimated projections only and are not intended to be relied on as representations, nor induce or mislead any purchase, offer or Buyer. The financial estimates shall in no way comprise any part of the Condominium Disclosure pursuant to the Condominium Act, 1998, nor shall any information contained herein form part of any warranty or representation by the Company, vendor, its agents, employees, sales representatives and assigns. The Company reserves the right to make changes or corrections from time to time without notice or obligation. The renderings in this website and all features, specifications and plans are subject to change without notice. Not all features and finishes depicted herein may be constructed in accordance to artists renderings, maps, floor plans and models. Furnishings, appliances, counters, soffits, floor coverings and other matters of details, are conceptual only and are not necessarily in unit.

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